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Establish robust and
repeatable investment processes.

Increase your productivity by automating all your
repetitive, labor-intensive risk tasks with powerful workflows.

The Anatomy of a Workflow:

The Anatomy of a Workflow

Scripting Language:

  • Sandboxed Javascript environment to design workflows with any level of complexity.
  • Create, edit, clone and tag your scripts to match your firm's needs.
  • Combine control and calculations in a single script for unprecedented flexibility.
Scripting Language

Scripts can blend control and calculation:

  • Programatically keep all information securely stored and organized.
  • Use the scripts to orchestrate the distribution of reports and alerts.
  • Create, edit, clone, delete and tag any component in the platform, such as: portfolios, reports, templates, emails and triggers.

  • Invoke the calculation engine for risk attribution, factor analysis, stress testing, exposure analysis, greeks and pro-forma backtests.
  • Full control over parameters sent to the calculation engine.
  • Achieve enormous productivity with our runtime scripting language. No need to recompile any code.

How Workflows are triggered?



Run your script on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle at a specific time of the day.



Invoke a script whenever an expected event occurs, such as a new portfolio arrival.



Trigger a script from within your REST environment using an API call.